Trans Students’ Caucus – Discussion Topics

We will run a conference via Skype for each of the five campaign caucuses. There will be a debate on campaign priorities, run like a formal conference debate and chaired by the Steering Committee. This will take place on 27 May.

Below are summaries of the topics that have been proposed by students and students’ unions for discussion at the caucus.

Each caucus has time to discuss three topic areas. This caucus has received two topic submissions therefore each of these will be taken forward as discussion points in the session. Click here for a full description of each of the topics to be debated or find summaries below.

Gender Recognition Act

Two submissions were received on the Gender Recognition Act (GRA). In light of recent comments made by the Minister for Women and Equalities, it appears as though the Government’s proposed GRA reforms will undermine the rights of trans+ people in the UK, in particular by restricting young trans+ people’s access to healthcare. The GRA will be a pivotal moment for the advancement or regression of trans rights in the UK.

These submissions highlight as the need to lobby against anti-trans legislation, continued and improved access to support and services for trans people, protecting the legal and medical autonomy of trans people of all ages and that educational institutions should provide material and political support to their trans members, especially those under 18. The Women’s, LGBT+ and Trans strands of the NUS remain undivided and will continue to act in solidarity with one-other.

Trans healthcare

Trans healthcare is a crucial area of activity that affects many trans students. This proposal argues for a fundamental reimagining of trans healthcare in the UK, away from pathologising frames of transness and towards trans healthcare as a fundamental exercise of bodily autonomy. This is because state-funded trans healthcare currently is demeaning and reflects decades of medical dominance over trans lives. The proposal aims to put trans healthcare as the top welfare issue for trans student groups and students' unions.