Voluntary Position Election Results

Election result statement by NUS Deputy Returning Officer Kathy Wylde:
As NUS Deputy Returning Officer I am pleased to announce the results of the elections for the Liberation Campaign Committee and Steering Committee

Candidates elected to Liberation Campaign Committee

  • Ankit Duggal
  • Leonidas Adams
  • Shane Simpkin
  • Rosa Kucharska
  • Mia Nembhard

Turnout in this election was 289 voters representing 66% of registered voters

Candidates elected to Liberation Steering Committee

  • Giang Anh Chu Nguyen
  • Adam Khan
  • Ish Tominey-Nevado
  • Lucas North
  • Megan Darroch

 Turnout in this election was 293 voters representing 67% of registered voters

Policy decisions

Delegates also voted on the 3 policies discussed at conference. 125 took part in the policy voting meaning a turnout of 29% was recorded. All policies were passed 

The count was conducted at 1pm Monday 1 June. Count observers, selected by each of the candidates, were present.
I have inspected the list of delegates who have cast their votes (n.b. this does not show how the vote has been cast). Following this inspection I am satisfied that votes have only been issued to eligible delegates. The count included a review of the count sheets by myself and observers.

Count sheets are available on request to all candidates and delegates. You can request a count sheet by emailing membership@nus.org.uk