Election result statement by NUS Deputy Returning Officer Kathy Wylde:
As NUS Deputy Returning Officer I am pleased to announce the results of the election for the NUS Vice President Liberation and Equality

Sara Khan has been duly elected to this position. 

Sara was elected in the third round of voting and received 152 out of a total 312 votes cast in this election, representing a 73% turnout.
The count was conducted at 9:00am Wednesday 27 May. Count observers, selected by each of the candidates, were present.
I have inspected the list of delegates who have cast their votes (n.b. this does not show how the vote has been cast). Following this inspection I am satisfied that votes have only been issued to eligible delegates. The count included a review of the count sheets by myself and observers.

You can view the countsheet here.

Congratulations to Sara and thank you to all candidates for taking part in this election.

I would like to remind voters that voting is still open in elections for the volunteer Campaign Committee and Steering Committee. These elections close 12 noon Monday 1 June.


Sara's Winner Speech