Candidates for Volunteer Steering Committee

Adam Khan

Coventry University Students' Union


Supporting statement: I'm currently serving my first year as Steering Committee member for our first Liberation Conference. I have attended National, Trans, LGBT+ and Disabled Students conference so I have both the knowledge and experience to fulfil this role. I love empowering people and I want to make sure that Liberation Conference is accessible for all, and ensure that we can effectively make a difference to the national student movement. I also have years of experience in voluntary leadership positions at local, regional, national and international levels, and want to ensure that people's disadvantages are not a hindrance, but a power.

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Giang Anh Chu Nguyen

University of York Students' Union


Supporting statement: Hi! I'm Giang and running to be one of your NUS Steering Committee members. My relevant skill set will help me ensure the smooth running of the Liberation Conference, and allow me to help you engage, regardless of your level of prior involvement with NUS. From successfully lobbying for new policies on students-as-partners, new assessments process and through my liberation work, my broad policy experience has equipped me well for this role. I want to make a difference to the Conference - to be open, accessible, engaging and brave. We need a strong conference for strong liberation work. Take care!

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Ish Tominey-Nevado

Warwick Students' Union


Supporting statement: Hello everyone, I'm Ish! I'm a student at Warwick and Campaigns Officer at Warwick Pride, our LGBT+ group. I'm running for the LGBT+ place on the Liberation Steering Committee because as the resources NUS allocates have been reduced, now more than ever we need to make sure that the time we allow to discuss proposals is just and effective. I'm a fair-minded and conscientious person with a passion for making sure every student's voice is heard, so I would love to support students in navigating NUS reformed democracy.

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Lucas North

University of Manchester Students' Union


Supporting statement: I began my NUS journey at Trans Conference 2015/16. It's been amazing to watch the trans campaign grow since then. I sat on the first ever trans conference steering committee, and chaired the committee until last year. Since then, I've spent a year as vice chair of NUS' Democratic Procedures Committee. I have 5 years worth of NUS events, and know what delegates need from our spaces.
I'm asking trans students to trust me to deliver for them: an accessible conference, where trans voices are heard, where intersectionality is centred in our democracy, and where all delegates can participate.



Megan Darroch

Leeds Beckett Students' Union


Supporting statement: Hi, I am Meg Darroch a second year Business Management with Law Student at Leeds Beckett University. Alongside studying for my degree I am a dedicated, reliable and hardworking school rep and student trustee ensuring that the core decision making processes of the student union exist but work for students. You should elect me as I work tirelessly to ensure that students are well represented and I have a keen aptitude to create an enhance change for all students. I am active listener and take on board feedback to ensure the decisions that are made benefit you.

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Molly Houghton

Edge Hill Students' Union


Supporting statement: As a advocate for queer rights, women rights and lobbying for support for disabled students, liberation has always been my passion.
When I first joined my institution I had no idea what 'liberation groups' were or that with my first 12 months at university I would be launching myself into becoming a liberation activist. I have been involved in NUS liberation for 5 years now and over that time I have seen a change to how NUS delivers liberation support. I want to ensure that it is and continues to be intersectional, accessible and most importantly represents our members.

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