Candidates for Volunteer Campaign Committee

Ankit Duggal

Edinburgh Napier Students' Union


Supporting statement: An optimistic, energetic & passionate candidate with versatile experience in leadership, currently working as Vice president in my student Association. I participated in NUS campaigns such as end graduation fee and Post study work Permits.
I would love to volunteer in Campaign Committee to support the enacting policy. I want to get to know and listen to all of you to ensure your holistic wellbeing. Develop the community spirit with students and communication between the Unions to provide regular updates. I believe Unity in Diversity, Let's work for it together and make the student experience the best it can be!

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Kate Vickers

Edge Hill Students' Union


Supporting statement: Misogyny that women face everyday in education is ugly. Which is why I became the Women's Officer for my institution. In this role, I was able to look behind the curtain of an education provider and see and experience the everyday misogyny that women face. I refused to sit in silence and 12 months later, I was elected the first woman president my institution had seen in over half a decade. I continue to fight on my campus but now I want to fight on a national scale. Let's not just reclaim the night, let's reclaim the day too.

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Leonidas Adams

Leeds University Union


Supporting statement: I'm Leo - ze/hir or he/him pronouns. I've been one of the liberation reps at LUU, where I put together an award-nominated campaign centring disabled students' liberation and also worked with national efforts like the Save NUS Trans Campaign, for two years. I believe this has given me the experience to be able to commit to the volunteer campaign role and help further the former DSC's efforts to bring political education to disabled students, as well as holding NUS to account on matters of accessibility. I am willing and determined to keep fighting for disabled students' liberation within NUS.

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Mia Nembhard

University of Leicester Students' Union


Supporting statement: Hi, my name is Mia! I am the Sports Officer & President-elect at Leicester SU and am standing for the NUS Liberation Committee. As the Student Director for BUCS (University Sport), I have championed trans-inclusive policies and challenged gendered sport policy. At Leicester, I have prioritised addressing BME representation at performance level.
Keeping intersectional Feminist practice at the centre of liberation is essential to tackling the marginalisation of women, vulnerable to political, emotional and physical violence. I will focus on sexual violence, lobbying to make policy survivor-centred, pressure institutions on outcomes for perpetrators and make academic spaces actually safe.

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Molly Smallwood

Edge Hill Students' Union


Supporting statement: During my time as a student and a sabbatical officer, things haven't been easy.  I've faced barriers at every stage due to how people have treated my disabilities.  From being unable to get to classes due to inaccessible campuses, being told that I shouldn't go to NUS conferences in case I had a seizure and also informed I was just one student when I complained about inaccessiblity of elections.  But it is never just one student.  If elected, I will continue the work I've done at a national level, as no student should be disadvantaged in their education. 

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Rosa Kucharska

University of Manchester Students' Union


Supporting statement: The loss of full-time representation in NUS for trans students comes at an especially unfortunate time. Both government and the press are empowering the transmisogyny and transphobia of reactionaries and TERFs, putting the rights and safety of trans people in the firing line. If elected, I will focus NUS' campaigning power on healthcare and transphobia in education. I will bring my experience of campaigning and consulting in my position as UMSU part-time Trans Students' Officer to the role, and ensure that the needs and concerns of trans students are given the attention they desperately need from the incoming VP.

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Shane Simpkin

Union of Kingston Students


Supporting statement: Hey! I'm Shane an LGBT+ officer since 2018. Experienced governance nerd and campaigner, Collaborating with KUL's Equality Committee to implement trans inclusion, secure LGBT+ awareness training, gender neutral toilets, and so much more, now I feel ready to use my skills for LGBT+ students nationally! I will:

  • Hold the new VP Liberation & Equalities to account!
  • Ensure NUS is supporting Union LGBT+ groups and help LGBT+ officers.
  • Continue pushing the democratic agenda & priorities set out in the live policy.
  • Fight for the LGBT+ students all over the nation.

**Vote Shane #1 if you wish to see these values!**

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Tony Magaia

University of Leicester Students' Union


Supporting statement: Hi, I'm Tony and I'm running for the LGBT+ place on NUS Liberation Committee. Minoritised groups within the LGBT+ community are here and have always been here. Although we have always been at the forefront and been pioneers of change and progression we
are often omitted and erased from history. It is time for us all to reclaim our voices as LGBT+ students and to ensure that the VicePresident Liberation is accountable, representative and supportive of LGBT+ students. I want NUS to focus on supporting LGBT+
student groups to run hard-hitting campaigns that change the world. Vote Tony #1!

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