Candidates for Vice President Liberation and Equality

Amelia McLoughlan

Durham Students' Union


Supporting statement: Vote Amelia for Liberation & Equality to RE-THINK liberation and build a community that every student, no matter their identity and intersectionality can feel a part of. In collective action we must all stand in solidarity to achieve our individual goals, by putting part-time officers at the heart of our work, inclusive of international students, postgraduates, mature students and those with caring responsibilities. Liberation isn't just a university activity we need to support FE so that liberation spans our entire movement, fighting discrimination so that it is off our campuses and out of our unions.


Social: @hamsterxwheels


Hamsavani Rajeswaren

Queen's University Belfast Students' Union


Supporting statement: Since coming to UK in 2014, as a 17 year-old international student, I've been a part of the student movement for the past 6 years, as a part-time officer, a school rep, councillor, sabbatical officer, and now running to be your VP Liberation & Equality.

I've fought to make sure the next generation of students from liberation communities have the tools and networks to navigate the hostility the education system poses to us. Together as a movement we've won our fights on reproductive justice, and marriage equality in NI, now, it's time for us to reclaim our liberation movement.


Social: T: @Hamsavani_ | Facebook: | Instagram: @hamsa4vplib


Joshua Williams

University of Birmingham Guild of Students


Supporting statement: The greatest strength within our movement is the sheer scale and diversity of its membership. However, too often, the most marginalised voices are silenced, while the loudest voices dominate the conversation.

Our time is now - an inclusive movement needs all voices uplifted, their power harnessed for change. It's time to pass the mic and let every individual sing their song. Together and united, we can create an equal future.

Vote for a movement that will hold institutions accountable. Vote for a movement that will champion your voices. Vote Josh #1, for VP Liberation and Equality.


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Nelly Kibirige

London South Bank University Students' Union


Supporting statement: Hi I'm Nelly, president LSBSU, member of the last ever NUS Welfare Zone Committee.
I know now, that people don't get elected on their experience so I'll spare you the countless wins I've achieved at LSBSU & instead say that while you worryingly debated the possibility of electing a liberation officer who actually embodied all liberations, you stumbled upon me! My campaigns all successfully delivered, have been 90% liberation
Students have felt unrepresented by the very individuals elected to represent them, but now you have an opportunity to vote someone who will actually represent you without fear/bias or duress - me!


Social: Twitter: @Nelly1K, @LSBSUNELLY | Facebook: Nelly Kibirige, LSBSU President


Sara Khan

University of Manchester Students' Union


Supporting statement: I'm Sara (she/they) and I'm running to be your VP Liberation because I believe I have the experience, the skills and the vision to uphold the legacy of the NUS Liberation campaigns and drive them forward over the next two years. I've been a volunteer, an unpaid officer, and a sabbatical officer; I've spearheaded a Decolonise campaign on my campus; I've worked within NUS LGBT+ to create political education and shine a spotlight on intersectionality. I'm the candidate who will represent all five liberation campaigns, because it's what I already do. Vote Sara #1 VP Liberation!


Social: Facebook: Sara Khan SU (LibAccessMCR) | Twitter: @LibAccessMCR