Elections explained

At Liberation Conference we elect the Vice President Liberation and Equality who sits on the NUS Officer Executive, leading the work of NUS for the next two years. We also elect key volunteer positions that allow for effective oversight and our democracy. 

This year elections at Liberation Conference are changing as part of our work on Doing Democracy Differently.  

We’ve been asked to use more digital tools to make it easier for students to engage with elections. Our elections will take place separately to our policy development and all elections will be voted for online. Voters will get more time to vote ahead of the conference and to interact with candidates. There will be an online candidate question time which voters can submit questions to and hear the views of candidates. 

Positions being elected 

The following full time officer position will be elected at Liberation Conference.  

  • Vice President Liberation and Equality 

This is a full time, two year position. 

In addition, the following voluntary positions will be elected: 

  • 5 members of the Liberation Campaign Committee, to support the VP Liberation and Equality in enacting policy. One member will be elected from each of the five Liberation caucuses, these positions are for one year terms. 

  • 8 members of the Liberation Steering Committee, to oversee the running of the Liberation Conference. 5 of these members will be elected from the five caucues and three more from the conference as a whole.

Voting Online 

All delegates registered for NUS Liberation Conference 2020 will be able to vote in elections.  

All voting will take place online using Unioncloud, which requires all delegates to be registered with their individual preferred email address. Delegates will be issued their ballot via email and can login to vote on phones, tablets and laptops. Delegates must provide the correct email address to their students’ union for registration so that they can login to vote 

Elections for all positions will open on 13 May and close at:

  • 26 May 5pm for the Vice President Liberation and Equality position
  • 1 June 12 noon for all other positions

Candidate information

Click on the links below to find out more about the candidates: