Liberation Conference will now take place online on Wednesday 27 May 2020



This online conference will incorporate a number of different ways to participate remotely, offering delegates the opportunity to discuss, take part and vote by:


1. Debating three priority policy areas across the Liberation Campaign.


The Liberation Conference functions as one conference, setting the policy priorities for the Vice President Liberation and Equality and Plan for Action led by the Officer Executive. Therefore the formal policy making function of the conference lies with the conference as a whole rather than in individual caucuses.


Following the priority ballot which opned on 13 May and closed at noon on 15 May, conference delegates have chosen to discuss and debate these proposals and topics.


What is a priority ballot?  A priority ballot is an exercise where delegates vote to rank the order of policy proposals to be discussed at the conference. Delegates are able to rank the policies in order of preference. These are then counted using the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system to decide the policies to be discussed at conference. All delegates are able to vote by using their preferred email address provided at registration. They are then emailed a link to participate in the vote.


2. Discussing priorities for each campaign.


The conference has space for each of the campaigns to discuss priorities for the year ahead, though this is not a formal policy setting space.


Ahead of the conference activists have been asked to submit ideas for that the main priorities across the Black, Disabled, LGBT+, Trans and Women’s campaigns should be. At the conference itself the current officers and steering committee members will facilitate conversations to work out and organise on these priorities.


You can read the topic submissions here:


Black Students' Caucus

Disabled Students' Caucus

LGBT+ Students' Caucus

Trans Students' Caucus

Women Students' Caucus


3. Voting for all positions, open 13 May


In that time we’ll release videos of campaign speeches from candidates for the Vice President and campaign committee roles. We’ll also run an online hustings for Vice President where candidates will answer questions submitted by delegates. We’ve also published candidate information, manifestos and photos.


Find out about the candidates here


All voting will take place online – both for elections and for policy voting.


NUS Liberation campaigns support and fight for the rights of Black*, Disabled, LGBT+, Trans and Women students. Each of the campaigns is represented at the conference with space for attendees to discuss matters relevant to members from the Liberation groups represented. Liberation is important to NUS because our identities affect our participation, achievement and progression in education.


*The term ‘Black’ is used to refer to African, Asian, Arab and Caribbean people and those who self define as Black.